Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are your opening times?

    Oakfield Jumeirah and Oakfield Early Learning Centre are open from 7.30 to 6pm Sunday to Thursday.

    What happens at the settling in session?

    We request that parents stay briefly with their children, 5-10 minutes. They can then go to our staff room where they can have a tea or coffee and allow Oakfield staff to settle the children. Parents can then view how they are settling after 30 minutes.

    How long will it take for my child to settle at nursery?

    This differs from child to child but usually within two to three days children settle into the nursery routine.

    What do I need to bring to nursery each day?

    We discourage children from bringing their own toys but if there is a favourite toy that the child really is attached to then that is fine.
    At Oakfield Jumeirah the food is included in with the fees.
    At Oakfield Early Learning Centre food is provided as an extra cost and if parents do not want this then they will need to provide food for a snack at around 9.30 and lunch at 12.00.

    How often will my child go outside?

    At Oakfield Jumeirah we have an extensive outside play area with a splash pad.
    At Oakfield Early Learning Centre we do not have an outside play area. However we do have a large Gym and Music & Movement room.

    Will my child go on outings?

    Oakfield do take the children on trips especially during the Spring and Summer terms. We have visited the Aquarium at the Atlantis hotel on the Palm, Zabeel Park. We have taken children on the Metro and JLT green space for a picnic. A family day is arranged each year on a Friday in the form of a treasure hunt and there is an annual Sports Day held in Basher Park.

    Do you have a curriculum? What kind of activities do you provide?

    Oakfield follows the British Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.
    We also provide activities such as Ballet, Music, Gymnastics and P.E. These are run by outside companies within Oakfield.

    What happens if I am late collecting my child or have been unable to get to the nursery before the nursery closes?

    We ask parents to let us know if they are going to be late. A charge of AED 50 per hour is levied for late collection.

    What happens if my child has an accident at nursery?

    Minor accidents are dealt with by one of our three nurses who are all licensed with the Dubai Health Authority.
    As a part of our Registration Form, parents are asked to sign a document which allows us to take their child to a Medical Facility in case of an emergency.

    How long should I keep my child away from nursery if he/she is unwell?

    Oakfield has a policy in place for Infection Control which stipulates how long a child should be excluded depending on the illness.
    Please contact our office to know more.

    What if my child requires medication?

    Medication can be administered at Oakfield by one of our nurses. The parent will be asked to complete a form granting permission for the nurse to administer the medication and also to stipulate the dosage.

    Will my child be able to sleep during the day?

    Both Oakfield Jumeirah and Oakfield Early Learning Centre have rooms designated for sleeping. Children are able to sleep whenever they need or choose to.

    My child has Special Educational Needs?

    Oakfield is an inclusive nursery and both branches have an Achievement Centre that is staffed with qualified Special Needs teachers and assistants

    How will my child be kept safe?

    Oakfield has a key coded lock to the entrance doors. The code is changed every month and parents are notified of the new number via email.

    How are the fees paid?

    Fees can be paid monthly or termly by cash, cheque or card.