Oakfield Early Learning Centre, JLT


    Oakfield JLT was conceived as a place where learning can take place in an open, spacious and well-resourced environment. The open-plan layout is enables free movement and shared learning. The entire centre has been fitted out with the same principles in mind and the spaces are all large, airy and bathed in natural light.

    Class Rooms

    FS2, FS1, Nursery, Toddlers and Babies

    Specialist Rooms/ Areas (in addition to the class rooms)

    Large Indoor Gym

    Music and Movement Room

    Atelier (Art Room)

    Sensory and Heuristic Play

    Languages Room

    Sleep Room

    Achievement Centre (for children with additional needs)

    Oudoor Play

    Water Play


    Our class room and specialist areas resources are all sourced from Europe with the outdoor equipment brought in from Finland and our splash pad from the USA.

    We encourage all our children to learn through play within a nurturing and supportive environment, with constant interaction with each other, our teachers and our parents, to enable them to become confident, successful and responsible learners.

    During each term, the Centre is open weekdays from 8am to 6pm, Sunday to Thursday.

    We are flexible with the timings you choose for your child, based on your convenience. Our pricing is based on number of hours chosen per week with a minimum requirement of 4 hours per day and 2 days per week.