Centre Timings

The Centre is open weekdays from 8am to 6pm, Sunday to Thursday, throughout the year.

Flexible Timings:

Oakfield is completely flexible with the hours you choose for your child to attend the centre. As long as you choose at least 4 hours on any day, you may pick what your arrival and departure times are, to suit your convenience.

The fees we charge is based on the number of hours per week your child attends Oakfield. This may be any number of hours between 8 and 50 hours per week. We have a price for each hour in between.

In the Foundation classes (FS1 and FS2, ages 3-4 and 4-5) we strongly recommend that the children attend at least between 8.00 am and 1.00 pm, 5 days a week, as it is between these hours that the majority of the curriculum is delivered.

Hourly drop-offs:

Subject to availability. Please call and book a place.