• Congratulations to Oakfield on the opening of an Early Learning Centre that befits the quality Dubai is seeking to attract.

    The Oakfield ELC has made creative use of the space with an excellent use of natural light. With all the safety aspects in place and well-qualified staff, it’s a safe haven for children. All of this stems from the passion of the owners and the staff of the Centre.

    All the best.

    — Mohammed Darwish, Chief of Regulations and Permits Commission, KHDA Dubai

    Many thanks to you and the whole staff. You are really doing a great job. You are always providing us with the latest updates followed by your support and guidance. Besides, taking care of informing us with the smallest things like the reason behind choosing the security code. Although no one will never ask why.

    My daughter Malika, is only 14 months, however I can see in her eyes how she is happy spending the whole day with you. 

    Many warm thanks for you and the whole staff.

    Keep up the good work!!

    — Kholoud Mohammed
  • My daughter has recently joined and so far we are so happy. All staff are absolutely lovely owners, principal, teachers and assistants it feels very natural.

    — Alison Grace Gahan

    Best nursery and Best teachers! Strongly recommended

    — Julia Joo

    Super, Mind blowing, Magnificient and Fantastic School.

    — Urmil Sharma
  • We would like to thank Oakfield Early Learning Center for the role they played in the development of our son. Having experienced some other nurseries in Dubai we were very impressed by Oakfield’s concept, facilities and especially its highly competent staff. Consequently we registered our son as one of the first children and had quite high expectations.

    These expectations have been exceeded by far. Not only did our son have a lot of fun – in fact he cheered when entering Oakfield in the mornings – he also learned very much every day. We have left Dubai by now. The one thing we are missing most is Oakfield. Therefore we would like to give Oakfield Early Learning Center our highest recommendation.

    — Kyra & Johannes Gehringer
  • We are writing this email to express our gratitude to the teachers and staff at Oakfield. Though Zidane has been in Centre for just two weeks, he really enjoys himself at the Centre and we are already seeing positive changes in his behaviour. I used to have to follow him around the house in order to feed him. It is great to tell you that my Zidane has now started eating his meals in one place. He has also started doing other things such as sleeping according to the schedule I have set out for him. I am really happy with this and are glad we chose Oakfield for him.

    — Mr. and Mrs. Khatib
  • Oakfield was a godsend to us. Not only has it been the center of choice for our son when he was living in Dubai, but it continues to be the one place he attends during his short and long term visits back from the UK. The excellence of the standards have helped him keep up with his learning across geographies, and the attentiveness and interest of the educators there has been nothing short of outstanding, whether it is to care for his daily development needs, or to enquire about where he left off in the UK in order to continue on the same path.

    Their extra curricular activities are diverse and in our view, necessary, and the meal packages offered have made his time far more manageable during his visits to Dubai, especially when it’s just him and I.

    We are truly thankful and grateful to the Oakfield family, and would strongly recommend that you pay them a visit before making a decision to enroll your child elsewhere.

    — Nizar Swailem
  • A wonderful place of inspiring teachers making everyday learning delightful and magical for my son, Hugo!

    — Reece Enrile Ribeiro

    Best nursery and Best teachers! Strongly recommended

    — Julia Joo