Peace and Play

December 13, 2017

Get rid of the monotony at preschool and indulge in serene yet playful activities that will lighten your children up for the day. Just because your toddlers are busy replacing their nap time with shenanigans, doesn’t mean they can’t be lured into somewhat peaceful activities. We have arranged a set of ideas that Early Learning Centre’s in Dubai must induce if they have their toddlers’ best interests at heart!

Preschoolers are mostly high-spirited, energetic and distracted beings, that tend to deal with a lot in one full day, both at classroom and home. In such cases where toddlers refuse to get adequate sleep, their whole schedule and lifestyle gets disrupted. 

While managing busy preschool classrooms, a list of activities and productive ideas may indeed let the young ones cope up with their tiredness and get them settled when needed.

Colour Your Dreams

Offer your toddlers images and doodles to paint in. Simply colouring is an effective way to let the toddlers relax, while they concentrate on their artistic skills and learn to be imaginative. Not only does this coloring exercise help their mental health but also keeps them to be calm.

Strongly Attractive

Distracting toddlers may not be easy unless you have a collection of magnets stuck around you. Toddlers love magnets, gather these with different strengths and shapes to attract children. You can purchase a set easily from Let toddlers experiment the force of attraction, and help them find magnetic items within the classroom. Playing with magnets can be settling yet equally fascinating for toddlers, who can further manipulate the magnets and learn, as they position them on various surfaces.  

On Top of the World

Art is pleasurable in its own way, letting toddlers create their own Utopia while they can. Get a bundle of old magazines, stickers, and different paper materials. A variety of usable art materials will most likely entice children into trying collage making. While they stick pieces on top of the other and learn a new concept, their imagination will be on fire. Leaving the toddlers focused and enthralled.

So the next time your toddlers run away from sleep and get into mischievous things, Early Learning Centre’s in Dubai would take care of their existing energy and channel it into thought-provoking and quiet activities!

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